1.       Turning on and off ads

a.       Wire

b.       Vanilla card

2.       Turn on cbex user

3.       Turn on vanilla visa web ste (only if something is wrong) https://www.vanillagift.com/home?country=US-en

4.       Make sure the buyer has all the docs you requested, but ocnineu only if necessary with the cc front and back only

5.       Go to your cbex log in and hit the button to “credit card/paypal ceposit”

6.       Don’t’ worry about the pop-up (it’s under repir).

7.       Select any denomation, because the next window will ask you for a specific amount anyway.

8.       When you get to the part ot ifll in your credit card, fill in

a.       Number

b.       Exp date

c.       CVS code

d.       Your name

e.       (skip the rest, not necessary)

9.       If the payment confirms, release the bitcoin

10.   If it doesn’t confirm, check balance on Paxful

11.   Ask the seller to cancel the trade.

12.   If he doesn’t, just “dispute” the trade when it comes up

a.       Say (if true) he did’t provide the documents

b.       Say (if true) that the card was spent and hand no value on it.

13.   If you provide a screen print, do I t from the vanilla card website Don’t’ do it from CBEX, because id don’t want them to know anything about us.

14.   Don’t provide your cell phone or personal information.

15.   Keep a log of your trades

16.   Place it here for the day in which you were trading, in case there is  a dispute.  Save all uloaded and downloaded images:  for example here: C:\Users\nick\Dropbox (Nickolasteam)\CBEX\exchanges\paxful\vanilla gift cards\dec 10 purchase