In an emerging market it is sometimes difficult to take risks because of the fear of the unknown. A lot can go wrong, especially when dealing with monetary transactions. …We were happy with the professionalism and actually got to speak to a person to help guide us through the transaction. The CBEX team was efficient, supportive and most importantly, we received the bitcoin. There was full transparency and proper procedures to ensure that the bitcoin was responsibly sourced. We have been using CBEX every since.


Jordan King, Partner at Tuk Capital

Toronto, Ontario Canada

CBEX recently helped me to liquidate some bitcoin. The commission rate was very reasonable and CBEX even waived fees when I decided to repurchase the coins. CBEX was superior to the options in Sri Lanka, because I was able to get a price and close a transaction at current market rates instead of having to meet somebody in person or wait for a wire transfer. In the latter case there is always risk that the market price moves before you can actually get the money for your bitcoin.

Prbath Neranja, Lanka Web House, Colombo, Sri Lanka