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We love our customers and show it!

  1. After on boarding approval, CBEX customers can have do business without transaction limits, so long as wire transfer, bitcoin or USDT are used in the transaction.

  2. Especially for customers from markets with only a peer-to-peer network CBEX is amazing For Peer to Peer trades the bitcoin price can move significantly and you have to coordinate with the seller. In CBEX’ case the customer interacts directly with CBEX, knows exactly how many US Dollars or Bitcoin he will receive and can retrieve his bitcoin immediately and US Dollars the same or next business day.

  3. We offer good service and answer our phone! Click for contact details.

  4. Special gifts for our customers. You win a designer bag from https://operativeapparel.com/ after $10,000 in transactions.

  5. An amazing referral program with discounts for your friends and income for you! Click on this paragraph.

  6. Our special service for bitcoin sellers … definitely unique in the industry.

  7. We welcome customers of most nations, so long as the US Dept of Treasury and ECB does not restrict the transactions … see https://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/sanctions/Pages/default.aspx.

  8. If you sell your bitcoin through us we wire you the money the next day via SWIFT or US Federal Wires. (minus our wire charges)